"Dr. Flöttmann's Scientific Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols", Second Edition, BOD Verlag, Norderstedt, 2013, 27,90 €

ISBN 978-3-848221-35-6

The author has thoroughly revised the second edition. Dreams enrich us with their pictorial and sensitive language. Dreams amplify our consciousness by informing the dreamer about his conflicts, feelings of guilt, wishes and instincts. The psychiatrist Dr. Flöttmann researched 45.000 dreams by means of the computer and his great experience in psychotherapy. For many dream symbols new scientific meanings have been found.







Preface to the Second Edition

I. Encyclopedia of dream symbols

II. The psychotherapeutic way and the emotions in dreams

1. Some advises concerning the dream interpretation

About the course of symbols
Dreams as a diagnostic guide
How do I start a dream interpretation?
When is a dream interpretation correct?
Difficulties in dream analysis
From the symbolic to the concrete
Alienation in a dream
The reversal into the opposite
Dreams in group therapy
Dreams in the partnership
About the writing down of dreams
The absence of dreams
The configuration of a new dream theme
Recurring dreams
Dreams and behaviour change
Dreams and homework

2. The psychotherapeutic process

The factor Doctor
Doubts about psychotherapy
Farewell to psychotherapy

3. The child - symbol of individuation

Leaving childhood
What is infantile?
Birth dreams
The rebellious and defiant child
Illness and death of a child
Sticking to childhood
Dreams of the wish to have children

4. Guilt and shame

Assignments of guilt
Fear of freedom
The reduction of feelings of guilt

5. Fear

The experience of fear in dreams
Fear and the interpretation of dreams

6. Aggression

7. Disgust

Disgust and its manifestations
Disgust in psychoanalysis and depth psychology
Disgust as a defence of obtrusiveness
Disgust for parasites
Loathing at food as a negative aspect of the Great Mother
Disgust of insects and spiders
Birthmark and disgust
Disgust of faeces and urine
Disgust at sexuality
Disgust at the woman
Disgust and fascination

8. Sexuality

The sexual significance of plants
Sexual disorders
Parental attachment and sexuality
Parental interdictions
Sexual and aggressive inhibition
Sexuality and narcissism
Disgust for sexuality
Sexuality and car
Sexuality as an expression of intimacy and love

9. Homosexuality in dreams

10. Sexual violence

11. Incest in dreams

The incest motif as a sign of unresolved symbiosis
Incest in the dream means violating borders
The incest in a dream - an expression of real incest

12. Mourning

13. Depression in a dream

The depression as a sign of psychic development
Causes of depressive mood

14. The significance of the past

Dream symbols of the past

15. Joy of life

16. Symbols of independence

The concept of autonomy in Kant

17. Symbols of the detachment process - an overview

18. The couple in dreams

The reality of a marriage
Relationship topics
Separation and reconciliation



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